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When to Send a Press Release

A news release can be used when you open a new office; win an award; introduce a new product or service; sponsor an event; or any other such happening. The purpose of the news release is to connect your company with the media. In fact, the news release is the expected first communication with a media outlet. Perhaps you are looking for a story, interview, or a TV appearance — the news release is the right place to start. However, even if your company meets the above criteria there is no guarantee that the media will use your release. That is why Stock Communications Group is the leading IR firm because we know how to get your re;ease noticed!

Expert Advice

Stock Communications Group’s Press Release & NewsWire is a service for writing and distributing press releases.

Distributing your news through gets your news directly to investors because we are an internet leader in financial discussions. Our large user base of investors, large databse of editors and direct distribution to financial and national news services is unmatched. This is the audience you want. No other news service can give you direct access to investors like we can. Our fee of $100 per article is very competitive. Create your first news release today!

Need help writing your press release? Our experts know tips and tools on how to write a press release that is targeted and search engine optimized, and has links to drive traffic to your site, multimedia to catch reader attention, and sharing links to engage audiences. Contact US today for pricing.

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