Public Relations

Stock Communications Group focuses on taking your core business and putting it into a format that the public will understand.

We offer a variety of services designed and developed to build your corporate image to match all of the successes you’ve already achieved.No cookie cutter campaigns here. every promotion is custom designed to coordinate with your short and long term goals.

SCG will build and enhance your corporate profile to ensure that the format is easy for the public to understand. We will give Your Company that sharp. professional, image that people associate with success.

QSCG uses traditional methods of marketing such as Press I Releases, Fax, Direct Mail, Newspaper. Television and Magazine ads and programming, Using our contacts with various promotional agencies, SCG will make sure your information gets in front of as large an audience as possible. SCG’s network of professional services allows us to purchase advertising with the most popular magazines. television and radio programs at discounted rates. We can also help Your Company develop and create infomercials and Television and Radio programs geared to exploit your products and/or services.

SCG also utilizes the latest technologies (see our section on Internet Marketing), SCG will create an exciting PR campaign that incorporates. Flash and PowerPoint Presentations, Charts, Fact Sheets, Graphs, Photos, Video Footage and the Internet, including. e-mail, newsletters. message boards and contests, all designed to get people talking about Your Company and it’s products and/or services.

SCG will develop an “In Person’ campaign that will make. you and Your Company look better than ever. We will design, produce and schedule public appearances, Speaking engagements, trade shows and press conferences, all designed to help you get Your Company’s message out in front of Your Target Audience.

In preparation for these presentations, SCG provides coaching until you are comfortable with the material, minimizing the possibility of awkward and embarrassing moments. And lastly, while Your Company may never need it, it is our experience that a solid plan should be in place should any difficult situation arise. Keeping the public well informed in the most professional manner during any predicament is imperative in preserving any company’s integrity. SCG specializes in ‘Damage Control’. Whether it is a time of crises or celebration, SCG will make sure the image of Your Company will remain intact should a problem occur.