You may already have a website but do you have an internet presence?

Many businesses have websites. but are not receiving a full return, if any, on their investment. Is your business using the power of the internet effectively?

The Internet is an essential part of your company’s image and can play a pivotal role in any public relations campaign. SCG can show you how your company can benefit by getting the most out of the internet. Your website is a vital link between your company and the public. Save time and resources by allowing your website to help answer a lot of questions about your company. Done correctly it will minimize the amount of time you will spend on the phone and will give the public confidence about your company. Believe it or not, very important business decisions are being made every minute based solely the company’s website. Don’t let the Internet turn business away.

SCG can educate your company in the following areas:

  • Create an implement unique mass marketing campaigns designed to drive traffic to your corporate website.
  • Effectively sell your company’s products and/or services through your corporate website.
  • Write and use e-mails effectively.
  • Improve your corporate website’s positioning on search engines.
  • Know what should and should not be on your corporate website.
  • How to use search engines to make contacts.
  • How to use search engines more effective.
  • Learn about newsgroups and how they can help you business.
  • The effectiveness of mailing lists and newsletters.
  • The truth about banner ads and how to use them.
  • Where and when to promote your corporate website.
  • Promote you corporate website by sponsoring contests.
  • Set appointments on-line.
  • How to effectively use Instant messenger services such as IRC and AOL’s AIM and MSN Messenger.
  • Webcasting and video conferencing.
  • And much, much more!
  • Contact SCG for an internet evaluation and let us create an internet marketing campaign designed to meet your specific goals and needs.