Investor Relations

Once you have a public relations campaign building Up the image of your company, you must be able to focus on executing the every day needs of your business.


SCG is committed to keeping management free of outside distractions while keeping Your Companies investors informed and feeling confidant that their best interests are being looked after.

SCG offers services that can help tremendously in generating investor interest and increasing the shareholder base in your Company.

Our investor relations professionals are available 24 hrs a clay, 365 days a year, answering the phone and answering any questions that investors and potential investors may have about Your Company. And for your records, we keep a database of whom we talk to and what was said, so you can feel comfortable knowing that Your Company is being well represented with the utmost professionalism.

Through thorough investigating and research of Your Company, its sector and market trends, CSG can create a strong and positive profile of your corporation, showing clearly, how you stand out from, and above, other companies in your industry, your competitors.

SCG will create an Interactive Corporate Profile and write and design collateral materials, such as brochures, corporate literature, and professionally written press releases, sent via all of wire houses, including Business Wire.

SCG also arranges for outside writers to write about Your Company. Through our unique network of established contacts we can arranging interviews with various media outlets including, ON24, The Wall Street Reporter, CEO Interviews, CEO Cast, CEO/CFO Interviews, et at. Your Company may be featured on Television talk shows, special interview segments and commercials designed to generate thousands of leads for your firm. You Company may also be featured on the most popular financial web sites on the Internet, many which are hosted by nationally known financial newsletter writers.

Because no one likes to hear from the President or CEO of a company more than its investors, SCG can produce Live Video Conferencing to be broadcast over the Internet to Your shareholders and then make it available for viewing at a later time. SCG also offers consultation in Internet Marketing and how you can get the most for Your Company by using the Internet for Web-Casting, Live Due Diligence Presentations and State of The Company Addresses. SCG also offers consultation in other areas regarding the Internet, such as Instant Messaging and Proper E-mail etiquette. So, pick our brains. SCG understands that some news can’t wait. SCG stands ready to deliver. Whether its three weeks or three hours notice, we have relationships with many investment banks and writers worldwide who love to cover great companies. We offer immediate conference call organilation and the swift dissemination of your news information.

Let SCG send you a completed sample of our work via FedEx. Open the folder, pap the CD into your computer and explore. I am confident you will find our services an enormous asset to your IR efforts.