Investor & Public Relations

Once you have a public relations campaign building pp the image of your company, you must be able to focus on executing the every day needs of your business.


Let us create a shareholder acquisition strategy for your company today!

Stop staring at your chart and directing your anger at the kid who writes your press releases, it’s not his fault.

Your Public Relations/Investor Relations strategy should mirror the growth expectations of your company. Why would you entrust this to someone who only writes a press release and posts it to your social media?

The biggest mistake CEOs make is undervaluing their company’s IR presence. Without true market support and a working shareholder acquisition strategy, your company and ideas will likely die a long, slow and painful death. Without the market to support your plans, most companies fade into could have, should have, and would have worked, with greater investing community awareness, never lands.

Our clients have raised hundreds of millions of dollars while implementing our strategies for shareholder acquisition and retention. Will you be next?

Some of our services

  • We develop custom communication platforms for public companies, to openly communicate with the investing public
  • We handle all communications with your stakeholders, potential investors, and media
  • We develop shareholder acquisition strategies that are affordable, measurable, and build great long term relationships with your shareholders
  • We can and have developed road show presentations to compliment your investor awareness campaigns
  • We create corporate specific investor websites
  • We distribute and redistribute your press releases to many other professionals who cover your industry
  • We have created Press Packets and materials for Journalists and press conferences. External media coverage of warranted press materials and events
  • Webcasting and messaging for investors, and quarterly reports
  • Investor conference calls shareholder meeting
  • Social media management
  • Reputation and brand management
  • Direct mail and newsletter coverage

SCG will also handle direct response to inquiries from individual investors, corporate profiles and create other supporting publications, to enhance your annual reports, news releases and other developments.

Our Portfolio is available upon request. Our efforts resulted in our client’s companies being published and/or receiving in Barron’s, the Wall Street Journal, Investor’s Business Daily, Bloomberg, USA Today and many others.

Stop using old tactics and expecting new results!

Why would you work so hard on building your business and then bet it all on a Hail Mary communications strategy?

Field of Dreams’ most famous line is “If you build it, he will come.” While that may be enough inspirado for a major gardening project, following that faulty logic has been the downfall of way too many companies, which, otherwise, deserved to succeed.

Far too many CEOs take the minimalist approach and hire IR “professionals”, who send out a day trading newsletter, or some other short term IR approach, which, unfortunately, do more harm than good, by drawing in the shorters and other problems associated with day traders and short term market forces.

It’s nearly impossible to gain traction with one day wonder newsletters. After all, how do you expect their readers to take the claim that your Company is the best, when they claimed that yesterday’s was the best? Is there any way that your Company can retain that claim when they introduce their readers to tomorrow’s best ever opportunity?

Your Company’s reputation deserves its own custom communications platform that we build for you. The truth is every company should stand on its own merits, not on wins or losses of some promotion newsletter. Plus, when we design and operate your communications portal; all of these guys will promote your company for free, as they try to piggy back on your momentum.

Develop long term strategies that create attraction for anyone, anytime who sees your company.

Let SCG help you grow today.