Crisis Management

In business, and life, reputation is everything, so building and protecting your company’s image is one of the best investments you can ever make, especially in this low trust, digital echo chamber world.

So you should count on Stock Communications Group’s knowledgeable public relations experts to tailor a program, based on our best practices, that places you in control of your message.

Too many CEOs succeed with the heavy lifting, only to turn around and drop the light work, but mistakes can cause serious harm to an organization, or even end its very existence. In other words, it takes years to build a business and reputation, but that reputation can be destroyed in minutes and take your business down with it.

Shareholders know that financial results and reputation are often directly related, so the markets are hypersensitive to perception.

Let’s face it, most companies will never access the public markets, so just getting to this stage is quite an accomplishment, which is why it’s so frustrating to see the high frequency of easily avoidable failures.
Baptism by fire has forged some of our greatest leaders, but the markets are not the place to test that theory, because even the tiniest miscue can sink the sturdiest ship and there aren’t enough lifeboats for you and your passengers. Even though you mastered the former challenges, your new landscape calls on you to navigate new lies and hidden deadly financing traps, as well as many other toxic forces.

Not to be the bearer of bad news, but, if you don’t take heed, your company may become one of the many market casualties on the exchange, joining the ranks of hopefuls that will be forced to undergo a name change names or shut the doors.

Risk management is a critical organizational function, because the corrective effort disrupts operations and negatively impacts your equity market position, so we focus on crisis prevention. Our experienced professionals will synthesize programs that help you focus on your business and promoting your current priority topics.

Many great ideas go unfinished, many entrepreneurs’ works end up in the trash heap, and many great well-funded companies fail. To ignore these facts, and fail to prepare, is to end up as another statistic.

Experience matters!

You owe it to yourself to make sure that you hire the most competent consultants for your company, including the best financial, legal, accounting, investor relations and market advisors available. Plus, your stakeholders should know that your team of experts is qualified and, like Stock Communications Group, at the ready to help you tackle any and all problems facing venture market listings today.

It only takes one mistake to balloon into a crisis, which, especially in the early stages, can become a very expensive learning experience, or even cost you your company.

Hire experienced investor relations professionals; make sure they are versed in finance, and not just the next marketing guru who only cares about getting paid.

Your reputation is possibly your most treasured asset and it’s how shareholders perceive you and your company, so maximize its value, as benefits range from stakeholders promoting your efforts, via organic positive word-of-mouth, to placing your company in a much stronger position among your peers.

Yes men are dead weight and our job isn’t to tell you what you want to hear. We want to work with cutting edge companies and leaders who want to succeed.

SCG’s risk management programs are thoughtfully designed to protect your organization, employees and shareholders. We make you the key source of your company’s information, as opposed to passive communications that allow others to control your story.

Our public relations, communications, and marketing pros will prepare accurate and consistent communications plans that shareholders love. SCG incorporates all of the available communication channels, including the Internet, text messaging, e-mail and other mass notification tools.

Let our media relations experts support your overall efforts by promoting management’s message to the greater masses and help expand your shareholder base well beyond the typical channels.

As pioneers and innovators, we have the experience to guide you through the perils of the venture markets. Our consultants share your long term vision and goals, and will be the trustworthy whisper in your ear that saves you from a devastating event.

Lazy branding and ignoring shareholder expectations isn’t an option any more. Don’t let reputation become a liability, especially when we can help you turn it one of your most valuable assets.

Choose to maximize the right message with SCG, you owe it to your shareholders and they will reward you for it!