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Alltemp, Inc. (LTMP)

Alltemp, Inc. (LTMP) When Alltemp, Inc. (LTMP) stated that it is “The Future of Refrigeration and Cooling,” it understood that this type of revolutionary title isn’t one that’s used lightly. However, since the Company developed proprietary, environmentally friendly, refrigerant technologies, aimed at curbing ozone depletion, reducing energy consumption and offering truly superior performance, in this […]

AppNexus IPO may signal bright outlook for the Ad Tech space

With the Wall Street Journal ( reporting that AppNexus filed its IPO paperwork, in a deal that is likely to be underwritten by Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS) and JP Morgan Chase (NYSE: JPM), it’s time to review the ad tech landscape.  After all, the deal is projected to be twice as large as the most […]

Trump’s Special F X

Let’s face it, optimism is one of the most powerful market drivers and, thanks to the President Elect’s actions, Ford (NYSE: F), U.S. Steel (NYSE: X), and United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX), Carrier’s parent corporation, are making moves that have Americans believing that manufacturing jobs are returning to America, in one of the best feel […]