Stock Communications Group, Aim Higher Tactics

Strike your target market’s bull’s-eye with SCG

As your company’s leader, you already know all about the hard work it took to get you to where you’re at, but, just like a water polo player treading water, you know that you must keep moving and score again.

Your investors believe in you, so they trust you with their money and pray that you make the best decisions for everyone involved.

You know the importance of sharing your vision with the public and reap the rewards of your strategy by growing your brand and business, but what’s the best way to do that?

CEOs and in house IR guys can expect to take dozens, or even hundreds, of calls from any number of bucket houses, promising that they will send the company’s information to millions of salivating investors, who are waiting to hear about their company’s prospects. Plus, for a small fee, they will create a profile and send it, once or twice, to some secret list.

Instinctively, you know that they’re playing you. After all, why would their recipients salivate over your company any more than the dozens of other profiles that they received from these guys this week?

Months, and a lot of wasted money, later, you’ve lost all, but the diluted share price, and investors everywhere label you as a pump and dump.

The confidence you had evaporates and, instead of growing the company, you’re dealing with the fallout of an unsuccessful IR debacle that destroys your future fundraising ability, which eviscerates your shareholders’ (usually friends and family) stock values and puts all your plans on hold, indefinitely. In other words, you’re killing your goose that should be laying your golden eggs for no benefit!

Don’t follow the crowd of the cliff to oblivion and become one of the 4,000 companies that have to change business plans and start over again annually.

Entrust your image with Stock Communications Group, Inc.

  • SCG successfully developed public market branded portals for hundreds of companies, like yours, since 1999.
  • We are the innovators in this space and perfected our shareholder acquisition branding strategies.
  • Our comprehensive approach includes creating your own Investor portal, banner ads, videos, and print advertisements for you.
  • SCG spent 10’s of millions of dollars in media buys, over the last 17 years, as part of our shareholder acquisition strategies.
  • We manage multiple financial newsletters, and work with many paid subscriber based newsletter writers, who love to send your information to their readers.
  • Our Unique branding method allows the company to remain in constant communication with its shareholders, and provides a great place for new investors seeking opportunities in the market.
  • SCG’s Expertise allows our clients to maximize money spent in their campaigns, which we manage and track.
  • We have a team of writers who have written thousands of articles and press releases for companies like yours.
  • Our stories and PRs are always posted on over 600 financial portal websites where millions get their daily Stock Market information.
  • SCG’s articles and PRs are often picked up by major financial news outlets, giving you additional coverage.
  • We create and manage your company’s social media presence, your message, and stakeholder communications.
  • Our experts can create press kits, press video, annual report messages, and conference calls for your company.
  • If you have news that will share the world, we have a team ready to organize press kits, and press conferences.
  • We have helped our clients prepare press conferences and managed road show and convention presentations.

Stock Communications Group believes in measured results and we’re committed to our clients’ success. We’ve created some of the hottest market campaigns over the years; so, let us show you what SCG can do for your company.